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Prime Rib Subs are Back At Quiznos

Get these fancy pants prime rib subs while they last

Prime Rib Subs are Back At Quiznos

The wait is over, my prime rib loving friends. Quiznos has FINALLY brought back their legendary prime rib subs for a limited time. You should probably rush out and get one now, because these things are delicious. They're also a culinary mic drop that will make you the lunchtime star of the office. "What am I having for lunch? Oh, just some fancy pants PRIME RIB! But you enjoy your processed chicken pieces, Linda."

These sandwiches are made with thinly sliced prime rib, seasoned with a black pepper, garlic, salt and paprika rub and slow-roasted for 8 forking hours. Mmm mmm toasty, indeed.

Quiznos is offering two versions of their Prime Rib sandwich. The Prime Italian sandwich is made with prime rib, provolone cheese, sauteed onions, giardiniera, green peppers and marinara sauce. Just the way nonna used to make 'em in the old country!

If you're feeling hungrier and less Italian, there's also the Prime Rib XL. The XL is no joke. It's a BEEFY BOY. An absolute unit, if you like. This 8-inch sandwich packs in half a pound of prime rib goodness, along with sauteed onions, Swiss cheese, and a creamy horseradish sauce.

The Prime Rib sandwiches are available at Quiznos nationwide, but only while supplies last. It's been 3 years since Quiznos prime rib sandos were last available, so like Eminem says, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.