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McDonald's Releases a Mozzarella Stick McChicken Sandwich

McDonald's has clearly outsourced their product development to stoners.

McDonald's Releases a Mozzarella Stick McChicken Sandwich

If frying chicken makes your sandwich taste better, why not fry the cheese too? That's exactly what McDonald's is doing with their new McChicken Mozzarella sandwich.

This limited time offer is basically a trashy chicken parm sandwich. It features all the ingredients you know and love from the regular McChicken (fried chicken, lettuce and mayo), plus two deep fried mozzarella sticks and a spicy arrabbiata tomato sauce.

If you're super high, that probably sounds forking delicious. Well cool your jets Cheech, because the McChicken Mozzarella is only available in South Korea. And sadly, McDonald's no longer offers Mozzarella sticks, so making your own isn't going to be possible.... OR IS IT?!

That's right folks, we have a life hack for how you can make your own McChicken Mozzarella sandwich, right here in the good ol' US of A!  Go to Arby's and order a buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich and some mozzarella sticks. If you're a purist, ask for your sandwich without tomatoes because those definitely don't come on any McChicken.  Then just pour the marinara dipping sauce on your sandwich and add two mozzarella sticks.

BOOM! LIFE = HACKED! Who would have thought that Arby's would be the place to go for Korean food?