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McDonald's Offers Double Big Mac for a Limited Time

That's a quadruple burger with all the fixins!

McDonald's Offers Double Big Mac for a Limited Time
McDonald's is offering the Double Big Mac, which features four burger patties for a limited time.

When the Big Mac debuted in 1967, it was the largest burger on the McDonald's menu. But times have changed, and now the Big Mac feels downright small compared to other fast food offerings like Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich. But don't worry hungry people, McDonald's is doing something about that!

For a limited time, McDonald's is super sizing their classic burger by offering the Double Big Mac.  This monster of a burger features FOUR burger patties. THAT'S A QUADRUPLE BURGER!

In addition to those four all beef patties, you'll find the same special sauce, lettuce, pickles, onion and sesame seed bun from the classic Big Mac.

The Double Big Mac will be available starting Wednesday March 11, 2020 and will only be available for a limited time.