Krystal Offers $1 Sunriser and Chili Cheese Pups

Crave 'n Save with this $1 Deal

Krystal Offers $1 Sunriser and Chili Cheese Pups
For a limited time Krystal is offering your Sunriser breakfast sliders and Chili Cheese Pups for $1 each.

Time to check the couch cushions for loose change! You won't need to find much to score yourself an item from Krystal's Crave 'n Save promotion. For just $1, Krystal customers can get themselves a Sunriser or a Chili Cheese Pup.

The Sunriser is a breakfast slider, made with sausage, scrambled eggs and American cheese. The Chili Cheese Pup is a small hot dog, topped with chili and shredded cheddar cheese.

If you've only got $1 to spend, you might be wondering which offers item offers the best value.  Looking at calories per dollar, the Chili Cheese Pup is the clear winner. Its 300 calories/dollar is nearly 50% greater than the 205 calories/dollar you'll get from the Sunriser.  THAT'S JUST SCIENCE!

The Crave 'n Save $1 Sunriser and $1 Chili Cheese Pup is available for a limited time at participating Krystal locations.